Travel Resources

Cheap Hotels:

Airbnb: If you’re looking for a nice apartment or home, Airbnb is one of my personal favorites when booking a place to stay. It is typically cheaper than a hotel and you can find really unique homes around the world.

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Agoda: When looking for cheap hotels, this is one that frequently comes up that I love. You have access to the cheapest hotels, apartments, homes and villas around the world.

Hotel Tonight: In case your hotel overbooks or you just need a last minute room, this is the go to site for booking your last minute stay.

Local Transportation:

Turo: Want to cruise California’s coast in a convertible of your choice? Choose from hundreds of vehicles and get exactly what you’re looking to drive for your next trip!

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Uber: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this service when visiting a city where I needed a ride to and from bars or back and forth to airports. Its my favorite because its cheaper than taxis and shows you the total price before you ride.

Bus & Train Travel USA

Greyhound Bus: Buses are another great way to travel the United States if you aren’t looking to take a car or flight. These buses have free wifi, stop frequently, have storage for large bags underneath the bus, are safe for children and those with disabilities. Click here** to read more about Greyhound busses from my experience.

Amtrak: Amtrak is a train system that has multiple routes across the United States and has super comfy seats, large windows great for sight-seeing, beds for long distance travel, a safe location for luggage, wifi and meals provided. I highly recommend taking a train at least once in your life because its a more comfortable way of travel and great way to see the country.

Cheap Flights:

Google Flights: If you’re looking for flights and are flexible with your dates of travel, this  is one where you can look through everyday of the year and google will tell you the cheapest times to fly from any origin and destination.

Skyscanner: Great for seeing when the best time to fly is. Once you enter your dates, it’ll have the highest and lowest prices marked for dates through the whole year.

Kayak: Another great site that tells you the best time to fly to and from any destination. They even have a world map of destinations for your budget to explore the world.

Travel Insurance:

World Nomads: Unpredicted things happen when traveling and it is much better to get travel insurance than be without just in case something does happen. This is also recommended by many other top travel companies and bloggers.

My Other Favorites:

Among the Pines Facebook Group: I made this strictly so you all can ask me questions any time you want and connect in a more personal way.

Duolingo: After not taking French for a few years I downloaded this app and was able to pick up the language easily again using this!

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