My Top 17 Tips and Tricks to Surviving Country Stampede

With Country Stampede just coming to an end, I wanted to share some things I learned while at the music festival. This was my first time attending, and first time ever being an influencer for a music festival. I had an amazing time and wanted to share some of my top tricks and tips to help you have a great time at Country Stampede too. 

1). Arrive Early

If you want a chance to park close to the entrance of the festival then make sure to get there early. I arrived around five the first day and there was a huge line to get our wristbands. I would recommend getting there early on the first day so you have your bands to get it without a line the rest of the days. 

2). Choose Your Shoes Wisely

The festival recently moved to Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka so the area you park in is grass unless you have VIP tickets which is on pavement. Inside the festival grounds it is all grass so make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable! I wore my cowgirl boots for the first two days but by the third day my feet were so sore I decided on sandals. I would recommend saving your cutest shoes and outfit for the day you’re most excited for!

3). Don't forget the sunscreen

At the new venue there isn’t really a lot of shade so you will be in the sun all day. Make sure and bring sunscreen because there is nothing worse than being burnt and going back into the sun the next two days. I personally use 100 SPF so I only have to put it on once before I go into the festival.

4). Drink a lot of water

Kansas temperatures can be very hot in the summer so staying hydrated is a must. It is easy and fun to drink a lot of alcohol but the heat with the alcohol can get you dehydrated very quick. Make sure to alternate water with alcohol to avoid heat exhaustion.  

5). Bring a fanny pack

One of my must-haves for festivals is a fanny pack! You can keep your phone, money, power banks, and other personal items so everything is secure in one place. It is so much easier than having to keep track of a purse too!

6). Have cash on you

A lot of the vendors in the festival are cash only so it is important you have cash with you. I typically bring $40 or $50 with me per day so that way I have it for food and drinks. 

7). Budget for food and drinks

It is really easy to spend more money than you plan on at festivals. Setting a budget beforehand will help you keep track of the amount of money you spend each day so you don’t go way over what you want to spend. 

8). Pack lawn chairs

One thing I wish I would have brought with me to this festival was lawn chairs. There was only a select area that had seating near the food vendors and if you want to have some time to sit and relax, definitely pack some cheap lawn chairs. 

9). Bring your own toilet paper

My mom taught me at a young age to always bring your own toilet paper to events and festivals. Towards the end of the night, most of the porta-pottys run out of toilet paper and won’t be restocked till the morning. I recommend folding some up and sticking it in your bag just in case. 

10). Make sure your gas tank is full

Before you get to the festival, stop at a gas station or make sure your tank is at least half full. Towards the end of the night if you aren’t camping, you’ll spend a lot of time waiting in long lines with your car running and you don’t want to run out of gas. Most venues are far away from gas stations so make sure to fill up before you get there.  

11). Have earplugs with you

I love being in the pit, but if I forget earplugs I definitely pay for it later. Throw in a cheap set of earplugs just in case you are right in front of the speakers and your ears are sensitive. 

12). If there is any chance of rain, bring your rain gear

Almost every festival I have been to, there is at least one day that it rains. Be prepared and bring cheap rain ponchos or a rain jacket and wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Always check the weather before you head into the grounds!

13). Dont be afraid to make friends

Everyone I ran into at Stampede was so friendly! Some of the people I have met at festivals are still some of my best friends to this day. Don’t be afraid to meet new people because you never know how the relationship will turn out. You also never know who you’re going to meet!

14). Designate meeting places beforehand

Trying to find your friends after you get separated is way harder than it seems. Choosing designated places to meet if you get lost will help you find each other so much faster. 

15). Pace yourself

It is so important to pace yourself in not just drinking, but by also minimizing the amount you walk around. Heartland Park is a huge place so if you can plan your day to minimize walking around, it will help you stay energized throughout the day and night. 

16). Bring a Sharpie

All of the artists who perform sign items that fans bring in during and after their sets. If you bring a sharpie along with an item you want signed, then you have a great chance of getting something signed by your favorite artist. Didn’t bring something you want signed? Grab a free koozie from one of the bars and get that signed! 

17). Have fun!

Country Stampede is an amazing festival so make sure to have fun and enjoy every minute of it! 

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