My Experience Influencing for Country Stampede Music Festival

Some of you may know that I recently was invited to work with Country Stampede Music Festival as an influencer this year. I had an amazing time and wanted to share a bit about my experience!

Festivals are one of my all time favorite experiences, and I have always wanted to work with a music festival. One day I decided to reach out to a bunch of different festivals that were coming up, but I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of replies – if any at all since I am currently still considered a micro-influencer. But I took the chance and it paid off! Read on to hear all about my experience!

I honestly love music festivals because of the vibes, the people, the music, and the overall atmosphere. I have never been to a country festival before, and since it was so close to home I decided to reach out to see what happens! The worst they could say was no, so I went for it!

After some research and DM’s, I finally had the contact info and proposed my ideas, as well as insights to my Instagram and blog. I checked my email about three times a day waiting to see if I got a response from them. I was so happy to see they replied so quickly and that this was about to be a real opportunity for me. 

After a few emails back and forth with Country Stampede, I was introduced to the social media marketing coordinator Meagan who worked for Neste Live! who helped finalize all the details. Neste Live! is the talent booking and event production company that runs Country Stampede and secures all the acts for the three day festival. Meagan helped me so much and I am so beyond thankful for her for letting me be part of the first ever influencer program.

Since I was approved to work with Stampede, I did have quite a few things to do before, during and after the festival. Most of my work involved writing blog posts, promoting the festival, taking photos and videos on Instagram, and sharing my experience during the festival. 

In exchange for the work I was doing for the festival, I was given Party Pit passes, and a parking pass for all 3 days. But when I arrived at the festival, I was so surprised because I met up with Megan when I got to the festival, and as a thank you I was given a huge cooler bag filled to the top with gifts and goodies from all sorts of vendors. Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay was one of the main sponsors, and there were all sorts of festival must-haves, and a ton of goodies on top of some signed merch! It was the sweetest gift and I totally wasn’t expecting it. 

Working Stampede was honestly amazing! I met so many awesome people and was spoiled to be in the pit. I made sure to take most of my photos early in the day before it was night or before I had some drinks and met up with all my friends. It was difficult when unexpected weather came too, so I had to plan my photos around that. Overall, it was so great to be part of a brand new influencer program and I am looking forward to next year! 

Huge thank you to both Country Stampede and NesteLive!

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