DIY No Sew Face Mask

The CDC just recommended that everyone should wear a face mask in public. Since many stores are out of all of their supplies,  it can be difficult to find masks and products to protect yourself. Here is an easy way to make a no sew face mask!

What You Will Need: 

  • Bandana
  • Hair Ties (Preferably ones that are stretched out a little bit)

Step 1: Lay the bandana out on a flat surface

Step 2: Take the bottom piece and fold it up

Step 3: Keep folding the bottom piece up to the top until it looks like this. You want to make sure it is a wide enough to fit both your nose, mouth and chin.

Step 4: Take one of the hair ties and put one end of the bandana through it. Then take the other hair tie and do the same on the other side so it looks like a tootsie-roll. 

Step 5: Fold the right section outside the hair tie into the middle, then fold the left side in too. Here, you will want to tuck one of the sides into the other to help it stay in place

Step 6: Once you have both sides tucked in, flip it over and your face mask is done! You can also adjust the size depending on where you move the hair ties.  

I hope this guide has been helpful! Feel free to ask questions or comments below. 


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