DIY Wild Flower Crown

A few years ago I went on a road trip that started in Kansas City, Kansas and ended in Squamish, Canada. It was the trip that changed my entire life and along the way, we had our amazing moments, and then there was the time the car broke down for a week and we were stranded at a campsite directly across from Grand Teton National Park. Although it was beautiful and we had some friends that took us in, being trapped at the campsite with no vehicle got to be pretty boring. But just when I thought I had run out of things to do, I remembered how at a fair when I was little I learned how to make a flower crown. And sure enough, a new hobby had started.

1). Collect handfuls of tall grasses, different styles of other grasses/weeds, and thin but slightly bendable sticks.

2). Collect a variety of flowers, picking them low at the base of their stem. This will help make wrapping them in easier.

3). Start by selecting two sticks together and use a piece of grass to tie where they cross together. Then measure it to your head and see how long of a stick you need to the rest of it. Once you have the stick, break it and tie it with grasses to the frame.

4). Even if it isn’t strong, thats okay! This is where you start wrapping the long grasses and weeds around the sticks to make it thicker. Make sure a use a variety of sizes from tiny to large so it helps hold everything together. Focus on wrapping them around where the original sticks cross, and add more small sticks in as you go. You want to build up a pretty decent sized frame before you add the flowers in.

5). Grab your first flower and decide on where you want the front of the crown to be. You should see how the grasses and sticks weave together kind of like a braid. In between these grasses and sticks is where you want to put the stem of your flower through. Hold the flower in place as you wrap the rest of its stem through the openings of the base of the crown. I typically start with the larger flowers first, and add small ones in wherever the crown is lacking color or thickness.

6). If you have any ends that stick out strangely, you can tuck them into the open holes around it, or break off the rest of the stem. Again, tying small pieces of grass or covering them with small flowers helps.

7). Customize however else you want and you’re done! If you make your own personal flower crown, I would love to see how they turn out! Feel free to comment and post a picture below or email a picture of it to me to be featured on this page 🙂







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